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Interactive Structure

Varjo consists of a sequence of six suspended rings, connected by a tightened wire. The four intermediate rings are movable. Each ring can be moved up or down or tilted, changing the entire configuration of the lamp. The top and the bottom ring are fixed and the bottom one supports the light fixture. The strips that make up the lampshade are constrained by the rings and shaped by their movement.


Great Ambiance

The shade is made from a delicate white textile that transmits light as gentle glow. The recessed led source points upwards, enlightening the textile ribbons and making the translucent rings shine. The whole lamp is evenly brightened. Its materials have been chosen to softly absorb and reflect light. The atmosphere that creates will leave you speechless.


Light Patterns

The light, filtered through the elastic strips that constitute the lampshade, is reflected on the wall creating amazing patterns. By moving the rings the user can chose how much light to let through and how much to block, generating a balance of light and shadow in the room. Directly acting on light the user learns how to balance it.
Varjo / v a r i o / is a Finnish word that means shadow.


Multiple Configurations

Varjo presents unique features and offers an unmatched user experience. With its elastic movement and shifting form, the lamp invites playful interaction. Using a sophisticate mechanism of tensioned rings, the textile shade expands and morphs into myriad shapes as you manipulate its rings with your hands.

The Designer

There is strong shadow were there is much light - Johan Von Goethe

Umberto Garcìa is a product designer with Colombian, Finnish and Italian origins. Since the very beginning of his career, he shared his passion for light. The aim at the base of each project is not to design just another product but to deeply investigate the theme in order to create unique experiences.


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Umberto Garcia on Azure Magazine


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Varjo at IMM Cologne 2018


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Umberto Garcìa, designer of Varjo


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